HS&E Services
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Health Safety & Environment Services (HS&E)

Escape Route provides people and technologies to help companies around the world ensure the safety of their employees, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce risk across the industry. We cover all aspects of your business from field operations and process safety to contractor site inspections and managing operations.


Inherent to security operations is the safety of people, assets and the environment. Our network of expertise expands to cover all aspects of HS&E for a variety of industries including oil and gas, construction and mega-events.


Safety is absolutely paramount for our people, for the environment, for our business.

We can assist you to meet your responsibilities of management:

H.S.E Plan

H.S.E policy and objectives


H.S.E organisation

H.S.E communications

Annual management review

Respects of laws and regulations:


National and International Laws

Government authorisations

Customer Regulations and H.S.E Policy

International Standard

Improve performance. Reduce risk. Ensure compliance.