Security Services
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What Support Do You Need?

Depending upon your organization’s specific circumstances, ER can provide a range of services in order to develop solutions that

provide real value to your company.

Security Planning

Assessment, Audit and Validation

ER can provide an assessment of your security operations, ensuring that they remain appropriate for your threat environment, effective, and an efficient use of your scarce resources. A complete audit, based upon achieving regulatory compliance, of your physical security practices, personnel security management, guarding services and security response plans will ensure that your plans are being implemented by employees  and contractors alike, reducing potential contractual management issues, allowing your organization to concentrate on its core business.

Operational Planning and Management

With military and major event operational planning and leadership expertise, ER has the experience necessary to expertly develop plans to take an operational objective and make it a reality. In line with your requirements, ER specializes in formulating appropriate and enduring plan designed to achieve objectives and deal with crisis. When it comes to putting the plan into action, ER is no less effective, with extensive operations leadership experience giving you peace of mind that your objectives will be achieved.

Integration Support

One of the key elements of a successful security operation is the integration between different security resource elements. With significant senior experience integrating military, law enforcement and contract security elements, ER has the ability to ensure that your integrated plan is deliverable, supported and remain that way during operations.

Contingency Planning

Just as important as creating effective mitigating strategies is to have a range of contingency plans in place that will enable your organization to effectively deal with a situation that gets out of control, or an event that comes as a surprise. Contingency plans enable an organization to recover from an event that can not be planned for, avoided or handled at the tim. They deal with response and recovery measures for all the critical aspects of your organization’s operations.

Contingency Staff and Security Training

From identifying the need and scoping the requirements, to designing specific training plans to equip your team with the skills it needs to execute an operation, ER has the operational leadership and management experience required to provide you with whatever level of input your organization needs to ensure that it can successfully execute the plan.

Maritime Security

With the global increase in piracy, ER was approached to develop anti-piracy measures that we are effective and comprehensive for the maritime industry. ER’s unique approach to the industry recognized the threats and characteristics peculiar to the maritime industry. With an adaptable approach suitable for ships of all sizes, ER can provide you with realtime solutions for safe transit.

ER employs maritime security specialists with extensive special-forces backgrounds and complies with international laws regulations for security operations at sea.


ER has extensive experience in planning and executing security operations at large scale, multi faceted events. Working closely with organizing teams, ER can integrate your security needs to provide a safe and secure environment to conduct your event- be it a single activity or multi day and location global attraction. ER has former military and police expertise to develop and promote the culture of your event.

Threat Assessments

ER has the skills to provide realistic threat assessments for your business or project. Based upon military and civilian processes and using reliable open source information, threat assessments are a necessary but often overlooked aspect of planning. They can provide assurance for stakeholders, but more importantly highlight and external aspects that may affect the successful achievement of desired objectives.